beet wash RW 508


Sugar have high dry matter yields. They provide higher methane yields per acre than other crops.

Their good fermentation for biogas production characteristics are of particular importance. The harvest season high dirt from adhering to the beet must be removed by a suitable cleaning treatment.


             Here, the mobile Doppstadt machines provide an effective solution


  • Pre-screening with dry e.g. a screening machine SM 620 with starscreen
  • pitting and washing with the washing beet 508
  • Muses of beets with e.g. a grinder AK-235 or AK 435


The beet washing RW 508 comprises the method steps "pitting", "washing" and "water treatment" in a machine while the beet of adhering stones are separated by entrainment process in the first step. A chain conveyor carries the settling in a water bed of stones on a slide. The beets in the water to flow into the downstream washing drum. Here is the cleaning and drainage. A 180-degree swiveling conveyor belt at the rear of the beet washing device delivers the beets out. The built-in water purification machine cleans the polluted water using lamella clarifier and allows recycled water management. This reduces the need for fresh water to a minimum. A snail promotes emerging from the water cycle sludge to a sump, where it is transferred to a sludge pump into suitable containers or vehicles for transport.


Benefits of beet washing RW 508


  • diesel hydraulic drive
  • compact design washing + pitting + water processing within one machine
  • integrierte Kreislaufwasserführung
  • high-speed chassis 80 km / h (with traffic regulations approval)



The Doppstadt RW 508 beet washing is also suitable for other materials for processing. So far, the machine won in use in the washing of potatoes, carrots and fully up to date with sieve residues from composting.

Here are a customer video - link


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