Mobile wash plant - efficiently with the USG Raccoon

With the Doppstadt Raccoon can be realized various treatment works.

Used effectively for the treatment of the Raccoon artificial turf, agricultural film, screen overflow or pre-crushed root wood and soil can be used. By installing a special wash insert (consisting of washing drum, pumping equipment, spraying, etc.) the Raccoon is made from a mobile Doppstadt screening machine.

With the simple retooling after the season back to a sieve, the Raccoon to a highly-efficient all-season machine.

The technology of mobile beet washer with the "Raccoon" as the core can be divided into three stages:


    • - Prior dry sieving ,
    • - washing,
    • - pitting


Optionally, the system (bottom figure) can be equipped with a compact water treatment system. This is followed by the crushing closes as preparation for the proofer. Available a Doppstadt AK235 or AK 435